Indoor cascading plants

Philodendron 'White Measure' Birkin 12cm in nursery pot


The Philodendron White Measure, also known as ‘white wave’ is a rare houseplant that you will not find just anywhere. With its glossy green leaves and white pinstripes this is definitely one for the plant collectors. Philodendrons tend to originate from the rainforests of Brazil and Paraguay and are very easy to look after. Size: 12cm nursery pot

  • Light: Bright indirect light but will tolerate medium/low light. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Water: Water when the top inch of soil is drying out. Do not allow the roots to sit in water. These guys love humidity.
  • Temperature: 18-24C will be perfect. Avoid cold draughts.
  • Repotting: Will require repotting every couple of years to encourage growth. Well-draining potting soil. Keep away from pets and small children as this plant is toxic.