Cascading indoor plants

Aeschynanthus Rasta 15cm


This is not a plant you will find naturally in the wild. They are naturally an epiphyte, but “Rasta” Aeschynanthus has been cultivated to form larger leaves and survive in soil for indoor conditions. She has long fresh green trailing stems with shiny, curly leaves and some ending with lipstick shaped rouge flowers. She is a warmth loving plant and will do well in a toasty kitchen or cosy bedroom. Size: 15cm hanging nursery pot (hanger can be removed)

  • Light - As she loves warmth, she prefers some morning or afternoon sun. Aeschynanthus need a lot of bright, indirect light. Lower levels can cause staggered growth, spindly stems and leaf drop. Do not allow to stay in full sun for a lengthy period as this will shrivel the leaves.
  • Watering - Prefers rainwater or tap water left out overnight. We recommend that you water moderately over summer, little but frequently and not allowing the soil to dry out completely. It is also important to avoid soggy soil as this will cause root rot.
  • Temperature - Ideal temperatures are 21-27°C. She prefers a warmer position away from cold draughts. Temperatures below 10°C will damage the plant and cause chilling, turning the leaves a dark red.
  • Soil - Use an airy soil, rich but with good drainage. You will only need to do this when the roots have outgrown the pot, and only during the warmer months. Toxicity - Pet friendly.