Kombucha accessories

3L Kilner Kombucha jar with tap


This Kilner branded continuous kombucha jar is perfect for making Kombucha (but can also be used for a variety of different uses and drinks). This cute little jar is perfect for making smaller amounts with the continuous method. Will supply enough Kombucha for 1-2 People. Fitted with plastic tap (BPA free)

Basic Kit Includes:

  • Certified Organic Happy Kombucha Scoby
  • 3L Kilner Jar
  • 3 Litre Capacity Dispenser (219mmx142mmx281mm)
  • Easy to remove glass lid
  • Designed with an easy to use tap to keep refreshments/kombucha flowing
  • Ideal for serving a range of cold beverages
  • Not suitable for hot liquids
  • Plastic tap