Coffee Stations

The Move-Beyond-The-Bean bundle


The bundle features:

  1. An awarded espresso machine: the Gaggia Classic Pro
  2. A grinder: Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder
  3. A coffee tamper: lycorish Coffee Tamper
  4. A scale: the Timemore Black Mirror Basic Coffee Scale.

Products included in the kit


Espresso machines

Gaggia Classic Pro


With Gaggia Classic you can feel like a real barista in the comfort of your home. Dedicated to true lovers of Italian espresso with natural cream, it contains years of tradition and authentic passion for the art of making espresso.


Coffee tampers

Iycorish Coffee Tamper 58mm


This high quality professional coffee tamper set is an essential item for anyone looking to make an excellent cup of coffee every time.


Coffee scales

Timemore Black Mirror Basic Coffee Scales


Black Mirror is an affordable, feature-packed coffee scale with a simple and sleek design. Dialling in your shots has never been this easy, or this inexpensive.


Coffee grinder

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder


Finding the right grinder when you start your craft coffee journey can be mind-boggling – there’s so much choice and some great products on the market. You’ll likely want to cover all bases and be able to explore different brews and flavours. So you need a grinder that’s up to the job.