Coffee stations

The Good-Coffee-Isn’t-Enough bundle


The bundle features:

  1. The Gaggia RI8425/11 Espresso Machine
  2. Accuweight 211 Digital scale
  3. Adexa EP9201 Coffee grinder
  4. lycorish Coffee Tamper

Products included in the kit


Coffee grinder

Adexa EP9201 Coffee grinder


Super bargain price high quality commercial coffee grinder suitable for domestic use or for small cafés alike.


Espresso machines

Gaggia RI8425/11 Espresso machine


Gran Gaggia Deluxe Black and Silver. Compact design and professional performance with new Perfect Perfect Filter Holder.


Coffee scales

Accuweight 211 Digital Scale


Highly sensitive and accurate: The coffee scale features with high precision sensor, 5kg capacity with 1g resolution, 3g minimum weight, which can even weigh coffee beans and cooking ingredients. It is a must for your every cook


Coffee tampers

Iycorish Coffee Tamper 58mm


This high quality professional coffee tamper set is an essential item for anyone looking to make an excellent cup of coffee every time.