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Luminita Nicorici

Luminita Nicorici has been running Primitiv Plants for 5 years now to bring joy to nature lovers. She has over a hundred plants at home, she plays and constantly experiments.

If you live in an apartment, chances are there’s not a lot of landscaping going on. House plants add the greenery that you might miss in an urban area, they are natural air purifiers and add a pop of color to your indoors.

Plants make us feel more connected to our roots, so there’s a mental health upside to it. “House plants bring us back to the basics,” said Michael Palumbo, director of growing produce for Whole Foods Market. “It brings us back to what it means to be alive and to grow. Cultivating plants at home is a way of taking control of our health and our lives.”


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House Plants 101: How To Stop Being A PLANT KILLER

  1. Take the plastic pot out to water plants and let them drain
  2. Use an app to remind you to water your plants
  3. Get the light just right
  4. Mist
  5. Start with easy-going plants
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Advice from Plant Mom: The Beginner’s Guide to House plants

Become a confident and accomplished house plant parent with these key tips for new indoor plant owners:

  1. Get to know your plant
  2. Don’t overwater your plant
  3. Choose the right spot
  4. Be patient


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Trending in medium light plants

Fidel (ficus) 30-40cm in clay pot


Fiddle-leaf fig - Ficus lyrata; Banjo fig; Ficus lyrata bambino. Fidel grows in most light conditions and needs easy care.


Trending in bright light plants

Nicolau 90-100cm in concrete pot


Strelitzia Nicolai: White Bird of Paradise; Wild Banana. Nicolau grows in bright light and needs easy care.


Indoor cascading plants

Philodendron 'White Measure' Birkin 12cm in nursery pot


The Philodendron White Measure, also known as ‘white wave’ is a rare houseplant that you will not find just anywhere. With its glossy green leaves and white pinstripes this is definitely one for the plant collectors. Philodendrons tend to originate from the rainforests of Brazil and Paraguay and are very easy to look after. Size: 12cm nursery pot


Cascading indoor plants

Aeschynanthus Rasta 15cm


This is not a plant you will find naturally in the wild. They are naturally an epiphyte, but “Rasta” Aeschynanthus has been cultivated to form larger leaves and survive in soil for indoor conditions. She has long fresh green trailing stems with shiny, curly leaves and some ending with lipstick shaped rouge flowers. She is a warmth loving plant and will do well in a toasty kitchen or cosy bedroom. Size: 15cm hanging nursery pot (hanger can be removed)

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