Make your own specialty coffee


Cristian Ispir

I am a medieval historian by trade and a coffee lover amongst many others. Here’s my selection of how to get started with coffee.

It’s time you enjoy your own espresso coffee that takes less time to prepare than ordering speciality coffee off those delivery apps. Not to mention you’ll probably like it better and you’ll surely invite friends to taste the fruit of your latest craft. We have selected some of the best espresso machines and covered topics such as how to grind coffee beans or how to use a coffee tamper in the video below.


10 minutes

Perfect daily grind

How to make barista-quality espresso coffee at home

Preparing good espresso doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think. With the correct equipment and a little bit of know-how, you’ll soon be pulling great shots from your own home coffee station.


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Speciality coffee bundle

Rave Coffee Subscription & Bundle


Discover Rave Coffee, one of our fav coffee subscription vendors in the UK. We’d recommend to start with their best selling bundle and then consider the subscription later on.

Product bundles

3 items

Coffee stations

The Good-Coffee-Isn’t-Enough bundle


The bundle features:

  1. The Gaggia RI8425/11 Espresso Machine
  2. Accuweight 211 Digital scale
  3. Adexa EP9201 Coffee grinder
  4. lycorish Coffee Tamper

Coffee Stations

The Move-Beyond-The-Bean bundle


The bundle features:

  1. An awarded espresso machine: the Gaggia Classic Pro
  2. A grinder: Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder
  3. A coffee tamper: lycorish Coffee Tamper
  4. A scale: the Timemore Black Mirror Basic Coffee Scale.

Coffee Stations

The Nothing-Can-Stop-You Kit bundle


The bundle features:

  1. Espresso machine: Rancilio Silvia E V6
  2. Grinder: Baratza Sette 270
  3. Scale: Timemore Black Mirror Basic Coffee Scale
  4. Tamper: black wood handle with stainless steel flat base 58 mm (included with the Silvia)