How to make Kombucha


Roxana Panturoiu

Roxana has cofounded a liquid diet startup in 2014 after becoming a certified nutritionist. She’s tried diferent recipes of Kombucha in the past years and would totally recommend anyone to learn the ropes of making their own!

Make your own kombucha so you can tailor it to your tastes and preferences and even adjust the flavor based on the tea you use. From rose petal to chai, to dried flowers, herbs or spices, you have endless options to try!

Kombucha contains a wide variety of probiotics - live microorganisms that provide health benefits to the body - so it’s very good for your health too!


20 minutes

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How to make kombucha at kome

Here's a complete guide to making kombucha at home from homebrewing expert Emma Christensen, from best ingredients and equipment to ways to flavor your finished booch.


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Kombucha accessories

Certified Organic Jun scoby (green tea and raw honey)


This scoby is very similar to the kombucha scoby except it is made with green tea and Raw honey.


Kombucha accessories

3L Kilner Kombucha jar with tap


This Kilner branded continuous kombucha jar is perfect for making Kombucha