Cycling for Beginners: 6 Need-to-Know Tips to Get Started


9 min read
  1. Choose the right bike: Think about how you intend to use the bike, and how you might want to grow with the bike. (For example: Maybe you can only ride 20 miles now, but you have a 75-mile charity ride in your sights)
  2. Get geared up: Finding the perfect bike is only half of the equation. There’s also some essential gear you’ll need. A new helmet is the most important and should be worn at all times while riding.
  3. Create a habit: Your first few rides might be tough—your body is adjusting to the stress of a totally new activity. But like all things in life, real progress is made when you stick with it for the long run. The first step to make riding a habit is to be realistic.
  4. Stay safe: We’ve already mentioned how important wearing your helmet is while riding, but there’s more to staying safe on your bike than just protecting your head. When riding alone, always carry a basic multi-tool, a form of identification, cash and your phone in case of an emergency.
  5. Find Your Ride Style: As you spend more and more time in the saddle, you’ll learn more about your personal riding style and preferences. Maybe you love riding non-competitively with a group, or you prefer heading out on solo adventures.
  6. (Eventually) find a group: There’s something to be said about finding the internal motivation to ride regularly, but sometimes a little positive peer pressure goes a long way. Cycling is uniquely both an individual and group sport.