House Plants 101: How To Stop Being A PLANT KILLER

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5 min read
  1. Take the plastic pot out to water plants and let them drain: Plants like water, sure, but they don’t like to sit in it. They can get root rot and die just from this one mistake (adios ivy plants) so it’s really important and really simple.
  2. Use an app to remind you to water your plants: The frequency of your watering is also key here. And the thing is, how often you water is down to the kind of plant. The way I learned which plants needed watering at what times was by using an app (typical millennial).
  3. Get the light just right: It turns out where you put your plants is actually quite important. Again it depends on the type of plant so when I get a new green-leafed pal, I do a quick google and figure out the best place to put it
  4. Mist: Most plants, particularly tropical ones, like a bit of humidity, which you can replicate with a quick spritz of water. It’s easy to have a spray bottle onhand, filled with water, to give your plants a mist from time to time.
  5. Start with easy-going plants: Don’t get carried away on your plant parent journey and avoid ordering rare plants that need a lot of care.